Organic Mulches      
Shredded Hardwood Bark
A dark brown mixture of natural hardwood bark
Fine-Processed Bark
A finely processed hardwood bark. Often used in perennial gardens and ground cover areas.
Wood Chips
A mixture of uniform cut hardwood chips 1" to 2".
Pine Straw Mulch
Baled southern long-leaf pine needles used a landscape mulch. Each bale covers approx. 50 sq. ft.
Processed Pine Bark
A reddish-brown processed red pine bark. An excellent mulch as well as a natural soil conditioner.
Cedar Bark
A light colored shredded blend of cedar wood and bark. Popular because of its color and resistance to insects
Color-Enhanced Mulch
A red, gold or brown shredded wood product colored with an environmentally safe dye.
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PLEASE NOTE: Our products are natural and tend to vary in weight, color, size, etc… from one load to another. Please order what you need at one time to assure matching materials.

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